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drug addictionFailed past attempts at sobriety can be a big roadblock to overcome. For individuals who fall into this category, an inpatient residential treatment may be the correct course to follow. Research studies show that inpatient treatment is the most successful type of care for those with multiple unsuccessful attempts at sobriety through outpatient treatment. 


Drug Rehab Success Rate


Drug Rehabs with outside studies showing 75% of graduates going on to lead drug-free lives.

drug rehab program



Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

Teenage drug addicitonParents need to be diligent with their children when it comes to drugs and alcohol. If you're reading through this website, you most likely already know or suspect your child is using. There are many signs, both physical and behavioral, that indicate drug use. Each drug has its own unique manifestations but there are some general indications that a person is using drugs:

►Careless about their personal grooming
►Sudden change in behavior - unpredictable
►Mood swings; irritable and grumpy and then suddenly happy and bright
►Withdrawal from family members and sometimes friends
►Loss of interest in hobbies, sports, and other favorite activities
►Sniffly or runny nose
►Changed sleeping pattern; up at night and sleeps during the day
►Red or glassy eyes

If you suspect your child is under the influence, additional assistance in making a determination of whether someone is abusing drugs can be found by filling out the form at the upper right side of this page.  Our counselors can help at no cost or obligation to you.  Do do nothing is the wrong thing to do.

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